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JavaScript Allongé
JavaScript Allongé

What I've Learned From Failure
What I've Learned From Failure

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Reginald Braithwaite's Selected Conference Talks

At either end of the educational spectrum, there lies a Hacker Class.


Optimism and the Growth Mindset from NDC Oslo.


Optimism II from DevDay

JavaScript Combinators from DevDay

Optimism from Nordic Ruby

JavaScript Combinators, the “Six” Edition from NDC Conferences.

“First-Class Commands:” An unexpectedly fertile design pattern from NDC Conferences.


The Art of the JavaScript Metaobject Protocol: Duck Typing, Compatibility, and the Adaptor Pattern from Nordic JS.

Javascript Combinators from NDC Conferences.

The Art of the Javascript Metaobject Protocol from NDC Conferences.

Invent the future, don’t recreate the past from Future JS


The Not-So-Big Software Design from wroc_love.rb.

I have a good feeling about this - Why tooling is poised to make the jump to hyperspace from Web Rebels Conference.


The Rebellion Imperative from Øredev Conference.


Beautiful Failure from CUSEC.

Reginald Braithwaite calls "Bullshit" (Technologic Dec 2010) from Unspace Interactive.